Other conspicuous international design prizes:


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Package PrizeYachts and Sailors PrizeCulinary Arts PrizeSparkling Idea Prize
Asian PrizeMilan PrizeSpacecraft PrizeAnnual Awards Prize
Worldwide Awards PrizeGood PrizePublishers PrizeTalents Prize
Design Collage PrizeAdvanced PrizeGreatest Artists PrizeGreatest Art Pieces Prize
Greatest Talents PrizeBadges PrizeAdvertisement PrizeDesign Thinking Prize
Champion PrizeHuman Resources PrizeDesignprix PrizeFinancial Products Prize
Workshop and Warehouse PrizeConsumeables PrizeMarine Vessels PrizeConvention Centers Prize
Trophy PrizeShortlisted PrizeConferences PrizeBeauty Products Prize
Gray Goods PrizeColorful Goods PrizeDictionary PrizeWorldsBest Prize
Futuristic PrizeDesign for Future PrizeBusiness Deals PrizeDesign Business Prize
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